The Coolest Car Badges of all Time!

By Dash Dynamics

31 January 2020

We are looking at some of the coolest car badges ever created. These are of course by opinion of the Dash Dynamics team and we would love to hear about any you find particularly amazing. 

Let’s dive in with the Isdera

Located right at the front of this speedy race style vehicle is a diving hawk. The bird is depicted with its talons at the ready as it makes a dive for its prey. We feel the logo is highly indicative of what the brand is aiming to show. 

And now the Abarth

With a red and yellow background you’ll find a scary looking venomous scorpio ready to nip and sting! It certainly looks rather menacing making it the perfect representative for this Fiat Abarth. 

Here’s a strange one;

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray can be found much to many people’s delight on the seventh generation models. This sought after brand has created a vehicle badge that actually depicts the sting ray wonderfully. Located on the side of the car, Corvette enthusiasts will be pleased to hear the emblem shall return for the mid-engine C8 model also. 

The Superleggera is Super!

Known as a coach-building company, this team has designed some seriously stunning machines. Included is the iconic AstonMartin DB5. Whilst the simplicity of the badge is somewhat subtle in merely just the name, the font is beautifully rounded highlighting elegance and magnificence. 

The Leaping Jaguar

We’re almost certain that when you see a huge cat with no name as a car logo it’s instantly recognisable. The majority of the world are familiar with the Jaguar brand. The Jaguar Leaper changes things up a bit showing the large cat mid air whilst jumping over the brand name Jaguar. The motion represents the speed of the car. 

The Fancy Ferrari

Delightfully iconic is Ferrari’s prancing horse and similarly to Jaguar we are certain you’d instantly recognise it. This formidable vehicle badge has appeared on some of the world’s finest cars and definitely had to be mentioned.  

The Lamborghini Miura

If you weren’t aware, the majority of Lamborghini vehicles are named after fighting bulls. This shows the speed and ferocity attached to such a solid brand. The Miura is no exception. This vehicle badge however differs slightly with the horns steaming out of the ‘M’ and a bull’s tail on the ‘A’. Phenomenal representative branding. 

These are seven of the coolest car badges as decided by the team at Dash Dynamics.