Vehicle Badge History Lesson

By Dash Dynamics

15 January 2020

Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, re-seller or car enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll be aware of some facts attached to vehicle badge history. Not necessarily all of them though….

Let’s begin with Audi

Do you know what the four rings on an audi badge represent? It’s actually Germany’s four oldest car makers which are comprised of Audi, DKWHorch & Wanderer

Moving to Mercedes

Easily recognisable by a three pointed star, this badge represents a whole host of company ambition. Mercedes wishes to dominate the land, air and see with their engines. 

Think about Peugeot

Let’s travel back in time to the 19th century when in 1847 the lion was chosen as the perfect brand for Peugeot. During this particular time period the company actually produced saw blades as opposed to vehicles. When considering the lion is a strong, supple animal, this was certainly reflective of their tools. 

Over to Renault

An early 20th century emblem as designed and created by Renault offers a diamond shape. Presented as such in 1925 this was an upgraded version that would stick up until present day. Prior to 1925 the logo consisted of the intertwined initials, ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘F’. Louis, Marcel and Fernand were the Renault brothers.  

Defining Mitsubishi

In order to understand this vehicle badge we first must determine the brand meaning. Belonging to the Japanese the word itself has two meanings when broken down. The first part of the word, ‘Mitsu’ translates to ‘three’. The latter part of the word ‘hishi’ is actually pronounced ‘bishi’ in Japanese and means ‘water caltrop’ or more commonly ‘water chestnut’. A water chestnut brings us to the rhombus shape (hence the company logo). Mitsubishi also translates to ‘three diamonds’.  

How about Toyota? 

Picture the three ovals found on a Toyota vehicle badge. If you analyse them carefully it’s clear how the combination  represents a horizontally symmetrical configuration. So what does each oval mean? The outer is said to show the world embracing Toyota’s brand. Inside, one oval is the customer’s heart whilst the other belongs to the company. They overlap to show a mutually beneficial relationship and great levels of trust between both parties. 

How much of the above vehicle badge history did you already know about? Got some information on a brand we haven’t mentioned here? Then please let us know!