How Badge Doming Works

When it comes to creating eye-catching and durable badges, few methods compare to badge doming. But what exactly is badge doming, and how does it work? At Dash Dynamics we can help to demystify the processes behind resin domed badges. Understanding Badge Doming Doming badges is a process where a clear polyurethane resin coating is…

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UK Number Plate Country Identifier for Travel Abroad

Leaving the European Union puts into motion a number of new changes for British residents. These are not limited to the rules and regulations that govern UK number plates while travelling abroad. On September 28th, a new regulation comes into effect for all British registered vehicles in the EU. This new regulation affects the country…

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Irish Number Plate Rules and Regulations

Unlike their British counterparts, the Irish number plate system follows different rules and regulations. To make sure your company is compliant, Dash Dynamics offers our guide to the rules and regulations. Registration Format The registration format for an Irish number plate includes similar information to that of a British one. A plate includes the year…

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Quirky Uses for Domed Badges

Dress on Manikin

Domed badges are extremely eye catching products. Because the material is high quality they are long lasting products, ideal for multiple different uses. Today we look at some of the ways (quirky included), domed badges are used in the business world. Clothing & Design:  In the world of fashion, were you aware you could increase sales with…

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Our New Motorcycle Number Plate Jig System

Motorcycle number plate Jig

Dash Dynamics are delighted to announce the launch of our latest Motorcycle Number Plate Jig system. This ensures the accurate positioning of our Charles Wright Motorcycle sized digits for number plates. Our new jig enables us to utilise a range of plate sizes, including the two most popular sizes, and manufacture plates for Japanese and…

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Promote Your Business With Custom Keyrings

Key Ring

Custom keyrings are a great branding technique and amongst some of the most popular promotional available items. Here are some fantastic reasons to consider branded keyrings for your business: Number 1: Custom keyrings are portable. These inexpensive give away’s are easily carried around by both employers and customers. Because useful, keyrings tend to be added immediately and…

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Number Plates Then & Now

RM18 3D GEL Number Plate Letters

Number plates have been around for many years, yet we seem to lack the knowledge of how they actually came about and of course who invented them.  Number plates can be personalised and this very common among this generation. However, when buying a car number plates automatically come with it. So why is this? Who invented…

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