Difference between 3D and 4D number plate letters

By Chameleon

04 May 2022

As evolutions of the standard number plates, which are made from acrylic and flat letters printed, the 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plate letters stand out from the others and offer a different design and premium look.

3D and 4D number plates are both very popular. 4D Acrylic digits are now more common than 3D number plate letters because gel digits are technically more difficult to make and require very specialized equipment to manufacture to produce consistent results.

They are both made to resist all weather and environmental factors and are best positioned on the acrylic plate by a number jig for accurate results.

What Are the Differences Between 3d and 4d Number Plate Letters?


4h number plate letters

4D number plate letters are made from acrylic sheets and are cut by laser, allowing them to be more rectangular and thicker. Our Acrylic digits are made from genuine Perspex® and high-end 3M® adhesive making them the highest possible quality available. They are cut using laser equipment costing over £100,000, unlike most manufacturers who use much cheaper equipment.


3D Black Gel Number Plate Letters and Digits

Our 3D gel digits are more rounded and are made from a combination of high-quality self-adhesive vinyl and polyurethane resin so each letter is raised individually with the gel. Both have a high gloss ‘wet’ look making them stand out.

All our digits are fully produced in the UK, using the UK only components, so helping to keep our carbon footprint low.

Dash Dynamics Ltd manufacture both Car and Motorcycle styles in both gel and acrylic styles for the UK. We are also about to launch a new range of digits designed around the very specific design rules for the Republic of Ireland at the 70 x 36mm size with stroke sizes of 10mm both accurate to 0.01mm.

Suppliers Certification

Choosing a manufacturer that has independent testing for both the 3D gel and 4D acrylic digits is critical. Digits must be tested according to current BS AU145e standards regulations from September 2021.

The use of non-certified digits could result in fines and removal by DVLA for the number plate supplier plus fines of up to £1000 and removal of the right to display the registration number for the vehicle owner.

With over 17 years of experience in digit production, Dash Dynamics are proud to share we are one of the first suppliers to have passed independent testing for both Gel and Acrylic digits meeting the new regulations.

Should you require verification of our pass certifications we are happy to provide them by request. or you can get in touch with us to answer any further queries.

Jig Systems

Jig System

We pride ourselves on creating our unique number plate jigs for both 3D and 4D number plate letters for a full variety of plate sizes for both Cars and Motorcycles and both the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Most jig systems being sold are simply copied from one of our earlier systems. We constantly develop and upgrade our designs to improve their performance.

The development of our jigs takes several months to design and test. We now fully protected them (Companies found copying them are actively pursued).

Our latest designs are a result of our constant development programme, to make plate production both the most accurate and quickest in the industry. Discover more here.

Buying Plates and Components

Whilst being approved by the DVLA, Dash Dynamics Ltd do not produce finished plates for the vehicle owner. We are suppliers of only components to the trade. In the UK, we only supply to fully approved DVLA dealers.

We supply around 99% of orders ex-stock to help with the speed of supply, typically holding around 100,000 plus digits in stock.

Dash Dynamics Ltd are a resin domed badge manufacturer serving all types of industries. Please feel free to contact us or call us on +44 1995 606 158.

Our sister company Plate Supplies Ltd provide a fully automated ordering system, plus all other number plate components too. Making them a one-stop shop for all your company’s needs.

Unlike other competitors, we are not a retail company. For more information on how we can fit into your business please get in touch.