Leading the Way: Dash Dynamics Move into 4D Acrylic Number Plate Letters

By Dash Dynamics

20 June 2019

Building further on our industry of leading support for the resin domed, surface mounted number plate letter systems, Dash Dynamics are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the latest acrylic 4D number plate letters.

These letters are manufactured to the same cut files as our resin domed digits, so these two products can be combined to create a true luxury product should a customer require something above and beyond either just a resin domed or a 4D plate.

4D Acrylic digits Specifications

All our 4D acrylic letters come ready backed with 3M adhesive. This makes fitting them far easier than those from other suppliers who suggest bonding the digits with a super glue-type adhesive – which can break down over time due to atmospheric conditions – or acetone, which can damage the plate completely if dripped onto the surface during manufacturing.

As the digits have the exact same profiles are our standard Charles Wright DVLA approved font, our industry unique number plate jig system can be used to make the manufacturing process quick and simple. Take a look at our previous post about how our jig system can be used to create number plate lettering.

Dash Dynamics 4D Acrylic Number Plate Digits

What makes the Dash Dynamics 4D number plate letters even better is that all the corners are slightly radiused which makes cleaning easier and also reduces any possibility of injury, which can happen with the sharp corners used by most 4D suppliers.

We carry all our number plate digits, both resin domed and 4D, in high volumes, typically with a stock holding of around 70,000 digits. So due to our high level of availability, our stock is normally sent out to dealers on the very same day when orders are placed before 11.00am.

We supply ranges of car and motorcycle letters, plus Euro end badges and various country related badges. Our 4D style acrylic digits are available in both DVLA approved black and non-approved crystal – be aware that these are not DVLA approved, so this style is used at your own risk.

Our ordering process couldn’t be simpler, you just input your requirements into our stock order sheet and send it by email to our office to place your order. For dealer enquiries, we have an information sheet to help guide you through the process and which also explains our terms of trading. Whilst we prefer orders via email, as it helps to reduce the possibility of error, we are happy to take your order via phone.

As we only supply to approved DVLA plate suppliers, it is important that your details are on the DVLA approved supplier list or we cannot ship. In cases where your company is new to the DVLA, your details may not appear on their online registered number plate supplier list. In these cases we will contact the DVLA directly via telephone to double check your status.

As resin domed badge manufacturers, we cover a wide range of industries. Along with the automotive sector we also offer high class key rings, wheel centres, dome sticker printing and dealer badges to name a few. Take a look at our website to find out more about our services and what we can offer you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 01995 606 158.