Reasons Your Customers Will Love Domed Badges

If you're considering new materials for marketing, promotion or just everyday use, then it's well worth planning your next purchases around what your customers will love - after all, the majority of the outward-facing work you do is for their benefit, and anything you can do to enhance the appearance of your business is a…
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Why Every Small Cleaning Business Needs Domed Badges

Sometimes, small businesses can struggle to get their brand and services known within the local community. Although word of mouth plays a huge role in helping to gain new customers and retain current ones, a strong visual brand logo is also required. (more…)
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Number Plates: A Brief History

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to purchase stylish 3D number plates for a vehicle to give it the personal touch, but did you know that the first automobiles didn’t even have any form of visible registration? At the beginning of the 20th century – just as the popularity of motorised vehicles was increasing – many officials…
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